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What our students think!

  • I have been studying English for two months at Be Smart Language School. I am very happy because my English teacher Angela adapts the lessons to my needs. Karine and Maria are very nice. They always do their best to re-schedule my lessons when I can't attend because I'm too busy at work.

    Roteman, 27, French, learning English since April 2014
  • I'm glad I came to Be Smart Language School. The teachers are kind - Angela takes time to explain when I don't understand and it is very interesting to speak English with everybody here.

    Alexane, 20, French, Learning English since May 2015
  • I started to attend English lessons at Be Smart Language School in April 2014. Since I have started, my English has improved a lot. The teachers are optimistic, very positive and they always motivate the students. I have also met Karine and Maria who are charming as they are always happy to help whenever I need them. I would recommend Be Smart Language School as my experience has been very positive.

    Jone, 36, Spanish, Learning English since April 2014
  • My English experience at Be Smart Language School has been very good. The teachers are very patient and confident. Thanks for all!

    Roberta, 23, Italian, Learning English since July 2015
  • I have enjoyed my first lesson with Angela. I am really glad that we were able to organise and start with my lessons so quickly. That 90 minutes just went so fast! I thought that it will be just too much for me to concentrate, but I was really surprised when the lesson was over. Looking forward to the next one!

    Slava, Slovekian, studying English since September 2015
  • Enjoy learning!!! Since I've joined Be Smart Language School 5 months ago, my concept of learning English has completely changed. Although I´d studied English in Spain for many years, I always felt I couldn't speak with the fluency I needed. At some point, I managed to speak fluently at work and I got used to the vocabulary I needed on a daily basis but when I tried to speak about more specific topics I lacked both the confidence and vocabulary so I decided to undertake some classes.   Thanks to the Pronunciation and Debate&Speech class I'm taking at the moment, I am gaining a lot of accuracy and confidence, and most importantly all the subtlety needed to speak in a foreing language. Hopefully I will pass the CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam) in December!I totally recommend Be Smart to everyone trying to improve their English skills as the groups are very reduced and the teachers are creative and work very hard to ensure that each class is enjoyable, different and fun which is not an easy task considering that many of the students come to class after a long day at work!   The entire team at Be Smart Language School is professional and friendly, always smiling, always checking we are fine, worrying about if we have had a good week and organising activities in and outside of MK so we can get to know our classmates. In a few months... in a few days even, I felt part of the Be Smart Family.

    Vanesa, Spanish, learning English since May 2014
  • I’ve been studying English at Be Smart Language School since November 2013. I must say that this language school has a very different approach to students than any other language school I have visited before. Karine and Maria are both very welcoming and nice. They are always ready to help with whatever I need. And apart from regular lessons, the language school has a lot of other activities like meetings in a pub, trips to touristic towns etc. I enjoy my studies and I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet such lovely people.

    Milada, 36, Czech Republic. Learning English since November 2013
  • I would like to thank Angela, my English teacher in Milton Keynes, for her lessons and her support. My English is much better now, I have learned a lot! I also really enjoyed being at Be Smart Language School. My relationship with this English academy has been excellent. I had a chance to take part in social events - we had an amazing experience in a buddhist temple in Willen Park. Thanks for all!

    Sara, Spanish, Learning English since July 2014
  • Since I have started with my English classes, I can communicate with English people and I'm happy with that. Teachers at Be Smart Language School are professional and make their classes fun and interactive.

    David, 34, Spain, Learning English since February 2016
  • I joined Be Smart Language School in February 2016 and I can certify it's been an amazing experience thanks to nice teachers, nice and really friendly director! I'm really glad to share part of my life in England with them. Coming to Be Smart Language School is a good way to help me improve my English in a nice and relaxed atmosphere!

    Anais, 22, French, Learning English since February 2016
  • I could only say a few words in English when I started with the English lessons and today, I can express myself and have conversations in English! In a few months only, I have improved a lot!

    Alberto, Spanish, Learning English since March 2014
  • I’ve been studying at Be Smart language school for 3 weeks now, and I’m writing to tell that I’m very pleased to learn English there. I’m a French student in languages and Business studies, and I’m currently on a home stay in Milton Keynes. In order to improve my English, I’ve been looking for private lessons. I’ve heard about this school through an acquaintance, and I registered there the 3rd of August, for a period of 1 month, since I’m going back to France at the end of the holidays. I’m taking 2 hour lessons twice a week, in a small group of 3 people. These are regular lessons at an intermediate-advanced level. My teacher is called Angela; she is very nice with us and competent too. She works a lot on improving our weaknesses in English, which are for me a lack in usual vocabulary and the pronunciation. We speak a lot in classes, and we are learning a lot while having fun, the lessons are never boring. All the staff is friendly, and aside the lessons, there are other activities like conversation session – There were free conversation courses last week – and a language Café once a week. You can also join the Be Smart community on Facebook!

    Marc, 28, French, studying English since August 2015
  • I have been in this language school since November 2013. I have to say I enjoy studying English every day with my teacher and classmates. The teachers and staff are very nice and helpful and I recommend this Language School. You won't regret if you join them.

    Daniel, 39, Spanish, learning English since November 2013
  • I am doing an immersion language course in Milton Keynes. Be Smart is making my improvement possible with great teachers and enjoyable classmates. Coming to England is the best decision I have ever made.

    Victor, 25, learning English since April 2015
  • I found the academy when I was just getting to know Milton Keynes 7 months ago and I really enjoy the teachers and classmates! They are really nice people!

    Victoria, 25, learning English since January 2015
  • Very nice teacher and the rest of the team is always very kind.

    Montse, 43, Spanish, Studying English since June 2015
  • Thank you so much for assigning such a great teacher!

    Mahadev, 7 years old, studying English since February 2016
  • I would like to thank Angela, my English teacher here at Be Smart Language School. When I arrived in Milton Keynes one year ago, she was my first English teacher and I'm happy she is still teaching. For all you have done to help me, thank you Angela!

    Gemma, Spanish, Learning English since July 2014
  • Do you want to learn English in Milton Keynes? I am Jose and I arrived in Milton three weeks ago. I come from Spain and I am 22 years old. I came to England to improve my English, so I needed to study English in a class. And I will tell you why I think Be Smart is the best option. First of all, the first impression is very important. When I came the first time, people who work at Be Smart were very friendly. I'm currently going to Conversation Classes, General English and FCE class to prepare the First certificate of Cambridge. In a few days, I was able to go to more classes because Be Smart offers very good prices and the teacher is extraordinary. So, what are you waiting for, join Be Smart? This school is the best option for prices, classes, they have a flexible timetable and people working there are very nice.

    Jose, Spanish, learning English since September 2014
  • My first session with Christine was a really nice experience overall! Christine was lovely and I personally enjoyed the session from the first minute until the last! I am already looking forward to the next class :) it was quite understandable everything and when I was not sure about something she was more than happy to repeat it again and again! Everything is really good!

    Konstantina, 25, Studying French since April 2016
  • If you want to learn English in a relaxed atmosphere, come to Be Smart Language School! But be careful with the teachers and staff members… they are lovely!!!

    Jose, 34, Spanish. Learning English since February 2014
  • Be Smart Language School is very nice. I met lovely people and my English has improved a lot! Thanks!

    Jose Manuel, 22, Spanish, learning English since August 2014
  • Nice place, nice teachers and fun lessons. I hope I will have a chance to come back!

    Victor, Spanish, Learning English since August 2014
  • At Be Smart Language School, I have improved my English. Angela is a very good teacher and I have met lots of new friends!

    Debora, Italian, studying English since March 2015
  • I have started learning English at Be Smart Language School, I've improved my English a lot.

    Jose Maria, 33, Spain, Learning English since January 2016
  • Great school! Nice people and nice teachers, I really enjoy every class!

    Susana, 30, Spanish, learning English since May 2014
  • Elaine is a fantastic teacher... always full of positive energy and good to help everybody in each level. The best English teacher I have ever had.

    Loise, learning English at Camphill
  • I really enjoy my French lessons with Karine at Be Smart Language School. I have learnt vocabulary and grammar which will help with everyday conversations in French as well as learning about the culture.

    Kathryn, 24, English. Learning French since February 2014
  • HOLA ¡¡ Although today is a "sad" day for our "children" saying goodbye to Be Smart Language School, I wanted to thank and acknowledge the great work you have done with Nacho and Viky. It has been a very special year for both of them and their families. Spending a year in Milton Keynes trying to improve their English has been a fantastic life experience for them which they will never forget. Thank you for being a part of this and for the support and encouragement you have provided. We are very grateful !!

    Tina, Nacho’s mum – Nacho learned English for a year
  • Be Smart Language School is an excellent academy. They organised a lot of different activities so I could practise and improve my English and also meet nice people. I would like to thank the staff members for their work, especially my teacher, Angela. She is a very good teacher and I've learned a lot with her. Thank you for everything! :-)

    Lara, Spanish, Learning English since June 2014
  • My holiday in Milton Keynes is finished but I can say that I had fun and I really improved my English at Be Smart Language School. Lots of kisses to everyone and I'm sure I will see you soon!

    Maite, Spanish, Learning English since July 2014
  • Be Smart Language School is a fantastic school to learn English. The teachers are amazing and I am improving a lot with them. I totally recommend it! Thank you for all your help and support!!!

    Lola, 27, Spanish, learning English since January 2015
  • In my recent report, my French mark improved from a D to a C – thank you Christine!

    Nathaniel, 14, Studying French since February 2016
  • My friend David introduced me to Be Smart Language School and I am glad he did. I have signed up for one on one Spanish lessons and I have enjoyed every moment. The teachers are very keen and enthusiastic and I have a laugh in every session. The teaching times can be flexible and I must admit, my Spanish has improved so much. I happy I've signed up to these sessions and would recommend them to anyone who wishes to learn a new language.

    Cameron, 29, British, learning Spanish since March 2014
  • It's been a very good experience to learn in this school. Leon is a good teacher, I have improved a lot. Thank you so much!

    Magdalena, 24, Spanish, learned English for 2 months
  • Who want to Be Smart...? I have been studying at Be Smart Language School since September 2014. I heard about the school on the Internet and I decided to try. I´m studying English in a General English class. I'm also preparing a Cambridge exam (FCE) and I'm enjoying the Conversation class every week. I would like to try the new Workshop class that Be Smart recently created to help us with job prospects.   I like listening, speaking, writing, speaking – of course, I like everything in this school! My teacher is Angela. She is very nice, friendly, helpful and patient. I´ve never met better English teacher than her. She talks about lots of things and we're doing lots of different activities.   Be Smart Language School also organises a lot of social events. For example, the International food festival, the pub evenings etc. These social events are a great opportunity to make new friends, especially when you are new in Milton Keynes. I met a lot of new people here especially Au-Pair girls like me.   Karine and Maria are both very nice and helpful. At Be Smart Language School, nothing is never a problem. The school offers morning, afternoon and evening classes so you have a lot of choices.   I think Be Smart Language Shool is the best language school in Milton Keynes. I love studying here!

    Ivana 24, Czech Republic, learning English since September 2014
  • I would like to thank you all for your help. You've been amazing, I will surely be recommending you to friends.

    Summer, 14, studied German for 6 months (GCSE level)
  • I really enjoy my lessons. The teacher is very professional and friendly. We get so much fun and motivation to enjoy the next one and the academy for me is really good.

    Maria, 32, Spain, learning English since January 2016
  • I like this English school, I recommend it! People are very nice - students, teachers and staff members - and I enjoy myself here!

    Raquel, Spanish, Learning English since May 2014
  • Very good experience, lessons match our level and are very helpful and lively so perfect to help you enjoy your stay in the UK. The teachers and the director of Be Smart Language School are very nice and help you feel comfortable from the first day. It is a real pleasure to come to class. It helped me improve my English but more than anything else, I met fantastic friends!

    Héloise, 19, French, Studying English since April 2016
  • I am studying at this academy because the teachers are very good.

    Ismael, 37, Spanish. Learning English since April 2014
  • I've really enjoyed my experience with Be Smart Language School. I have only been coming for a few classes but the teacher was fantastic and very friendly. She's really helped me to achieve my goals. I would encourage everyone to come here and enjoy classes them.

    Cristina, Spanish, studying English since October 2015