An artistic job by Sunghee

english lessons in milton keynes

Before I came here I worked in an architecture office for 3 years. I studied architecture and wanted to be an architect. However the architecture field in Korea is not that good anymore and my working condition was pretty bad as I was working till midnight and had lots of work to finish in a short time.
So that’s why I want to try different things which I enjoy. To be honest I have no idea about my future job or life. I am still trying to find what I really want to do.
I am an artistic person and I am outgoing. So if I can find a new job in the future, I would like to work in the art field which I can make my own creative. That makes me enthusiastic and it is exciting. One of my plans is to open my own studio which I can make and sell my art one day. I would like to be a person who can enjoy life.


Sunghee comes from Korea and is volunteering at Camphill Milton Keynes. She really enjoys the experience. Camphill Milton Keynes is an international community working and living in the new city of Milton Keynes. They support adults with learning difficulties and offer them a working life. She is also taking English classes in Milton Keynes with Be Smart Language School.


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