Review: Shop in your Area by Maria


There are shops and shops over all shopping areas, but some of them make the difference. That is what happens with Hollister. This fashion clothing store is located in the intu area of the Milton Keynes shopping center and sells items that are inspired in a surfing style in California.

You can find every type of clothing, from coats, t-shirts, trousers with the seagull symbol.. to accessorizes ; even perfumes and lotions for the body care.

On the other hand, the prices aren’t very high; but neither low cost. But the point by far makes the difference is the environment. Because at the same time you go inside, you are involved in a low-lighted shop in a fresh sea fragrance that you match straight to the brand.

As I see it as a customer, if you like this lifestyle, you are impressed at first sight.


Maria is Spanish and joined our FCE exam preparation classes in June 2015. FCE exam preparation classes are held at Be Smart Language School in Central Milton Keynes every Tuesday and Thursday (morning and evening). Maria worked really hard and we all cross our fingers so she will pass her exam!


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