My dream job by Joane

english lessons in milton keynes

I am afraid I am not sure what my dream job is. I have three different options in mind. One is studying engineering, the other is studying medicine and the third option is taking over my parents company.
Also I am still deciding if I want to study in my home country or here in England. But I have nearly eleven months until I leave Camphill and need to make a decision. Furthermore, it is important to me that the job I’ll choose is the job which I have a passion for and which I am happy to do every day for the rest of my life. My sister for example, knew when she was fourteen that she wanted to work with kids. Now she works at a kindergarten and really loves her job and therefore does extra work. Of course she is stressed sometimes and doesn’t always like to atmosphere in her work place or the noise. But that’s normal.
I really hope I’ll find out what I am passionate about and what really makes me feel fulfilled.


Joane comes from Germany is part of the team of co-workers at Camphill Milton Keynes. Camphill Milton Keynes is an amazing international community. They support adults with learning difficulties and offer them a working life. Joane works as a volunteer within the community. Joane is enjoying English courses in Milton Keynes with Be Smart Language School.


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