Learning English in a school is crucial by Nadia


Nowadays, the English language is the universal language, and many students all over the world try to learn it to study or work in other countries. The main question is whether it is possible to study this language independently or it is better to attend school with a teacher.

On the hand, if we choose to learn English on a self study basis, for example on the internet or by buying some books, it is cheap while we can save a large amount of money, and also it can be a good solution for someone who can’t attend English courses at school or hasn’t much time.

However, there are some disadvantages because in this case we have to manage our time and to be very motivated to do that. Otherwise, we can become bored and can’t achieve learning.

On the other hand, subscribing at school and attending the courses with a teacher and other students, is more motivating and we can learn more in discussion between students and teachers. Moreover, if we have some questions or difficulties in understanding something, we have a teacher who can explain more than books or the internet and also we have a chance to practise speaking rather than being alone.

Nevertheless, there are few disadvantages like the fees which sometimes may be too high.

In my experience, it was a very long time that I wanted to learn English, but, while I was working, I hadn’t much time to attend English courses at school.

I was obliged to achieve this objective on my own, but it was very difficult as I never could pursue my schedule and I couldn’t progress mainly in speaking and listening.

In conclusion, I think it is very important to attend a proper school, and to have a teacher who can help us to progress otherwise it will be a hard task.


Nadia is Moroccan and joined our IELTS exam preparation classes in November 2015. IELTS exam preparation classes are held at Be Smart Language School in Central Milton Keynes every Monday and Wednesday (afternoon and evening). Nadia worked really hard and we all cross our fingers so she will pass her exam!


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