Applying for jobs by Francesca


“Younger people should be given priority over older people when applying for jobs” Do you agree?

Having a job is one of the most important thing for human life. In fact, we spend most of our lives working! During school years, teachers get us ready for work environment. Some can decide to start working  after school and others prefer going to university first.

Anyway, when young people have finished their studies, they must find a job to gain independence and start making their own life, for that reason we can say that the first job is a really big deal!

The first job, more than any other job, is very important because  you actually start learning, and the best way to learn is to pay attention of what older people do because they have a lot of experience and they are the best people to ask advice from. In my opinion, an healthy work environment is made by younger people who want to work and learn and older people who can teach them how to and that’s why I don’t think the youngest should have priority over older people.


Francesca is Italian and joined our FCE exam preparation classes in October 2015. FCE exam preparation classes are held at Be Smart Language School in Central Milton Keynes every Tuesday and Thursday (morning and evening). Francesca worked really hard and we all cross our fingers so she will pass her exam!


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