Dear Antonio… by Alessandra


Imagine you are writing to your friend who is going to visit England. Recommend places to visit, when to book your  tickets, the weather in England…

Dear Antonio,

The countdown has started for your arrival in England. You had better buy your tickets otherwise they might become too expensive. When you’re in England we could go from Milton Keynes to London by train and we must visit the main attractions. We could go on the London Eye and we may take a double-decker in order to see the city in a short time. We had better buy the tickets online so we can skip the queue. Firstly we must take a picture near Tower Bridge and secondly we must visit the shopping districts, including Harrods.

We might visit some museums like the “British Museum” and the “National Gallery” and some parks like “Hyde Park” and “St James Park”. If there’s anytime left over, we could go to a musical, I would like to watch “Mamma Mia” or “Sister Act”.

You had better bring an umbrella because it always rain in England and a warm clothes because it’s cold.

See you soon



Alessandra is Italian and joined Be Smart Language School Intermediate General English classes in January 2015. Alessandra’s English is improving every day. She is also having private classes with our teacher Nikki. 


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