My dreams by Cristina

english classes in milton keynes

I would love to travel around the world before starting a family or getting married. I want to meet new people, experience new cultures and see new places. I love discovering new things like traditions or festivals.
But the thing I love doing the most is helping people, I don’t care in what way but I love the feeling that you get when you do something for someone else or when they give you a hug or say “I love you” it’s something that I can’t describe with words.
I would love doing something in relation with that, but also with the society of people with special needs in my country. There is not much awareness or knowledge about people with learning disabilities in my country. I would like to work in that area and give the opportunity to individuals to enjoy life, have a job, a family and all the rights they deserve.
These are the things that I would like to do with my life but they do not sitting in an office with a computer or doing something that I don’t enjoy. I prefer doing something that I really enjoy and I don’t care if I don’t receive that much money.


Cristina is from Peru and is volunteering at Camphill Milton Keynes. She is a co-worker and supports adults with learning difficulties within the community. She is also having English lessons in Milton Keynes with Be Smart Language School.


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