Bridge of Spies (film) by Manuela


Recently, I went to see the movie “Bridge of Spies” and it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

“Bridge of Spies” is an American historical drama by Steven Spielberg and it is based in the 1990’s during the Cold War.

The film star Tom Hanks is a lawyer who has to defend an arrested soviet spy and then has to negotiate the exchange with the spy with an American pilot captured by the Soviet Union. The name of the film refers to Glienicke Bridge, which connects post dam with Berlin where the spy exchange took place.

The film is based on a true story and we can see wonderful pictures of New York and Berlin. We see what really happened during the Cold War and sometimes it is hard to see people who escaped from East Berlin to West Berlin.

Personally, I have been very grapped by this film even if in the beginning it seemed to be boring. At the end you would like to see it again and again. And Tom Hanks is a great actor!


Manuela is French and Italian, she is completely bilingual in both languages and can also speak English and Spanish! She lives in Milton Keynes with her family. Her children Emma and Adriano also come to Be Smart Language School to learn English with our native English teachers Chantal and Angela. Manuela has been studying English at Be Smart since November 2015, she is coming to Angela’s intermediate General English class every Tuesday in the morning. 


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