Be Smart Language School

Our journey

Our story
Formed in 2006, Be Smart Language School has nine years of experience in teaching languages, and is of great value to students in Milton Keynes and throughout Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Be Smart Language School specialises in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) also called English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) but also offers courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.

Be Smart Language School is managed by Karine Couly. Karine was born in France and has been living in the UK for more than seven years. She has a real passion for languages and enjoys sharing her experience with the students: “As a non-English native speaker myself and with the help and support of my team of teachers, it is my personal goal to help our students adjust to life in England, settle in well and find work.”


Learning English
One of the main objectives of Be Smart Language School is to support non-English professionals and students in and around Milton Keynes. The school has focused English classes which help them adjust to the work environment and life in the UK. The school works with a wide variety of people whose first language is not English and who are employed as chefs, waiters, cleaners, au pairs, nannies, carers, lawyers and those working in IT, banks and finance.

Be Smart has helped over 500 students learn a new language. A student from Be Smart said: “I could only say a few words in English when I started my English lessons and today, I can express myself and be confident during my job interviews.”


Learning other languages
At Be Smart Language School we also encourage adults to learn other languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, German or Portuguese so they can enjoy speaking to locals when they go on holiday, communicate with part of their family who are from another country, take their career up to an international level or simply have fun and socialise with other students!

All our teachers teach their native language so our students don’t only get to learn a new language, they get to experience a bit of their world, their childhood, their culture and all the wonderful things about their home country which they love.


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