Be Smart Language School

Learn French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish!

Meet new people in Milton Keynes with our fun, interactive and affordable language classes. Knowing more than one language enhances your holiday destination possibilities. Travelling to another country becomes so much easier if you can speak the language – you do not need to be fluent, just the basics are enough to enrich your experience! Locals around the world appreciate it when you take the time to say the basics in their language, even a simple “hello” spoken in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese or Polish can go a long way. It also shows respect and is a fun and great way to start a conversation and meet new people.

Learning another language also increases your attention and improves your memory; it challenges you to concentrate, exercises your brain and helps you solve problems faster. When it comes to European languages, once you have learnt one language, it will be easier to pick up the second or the third one. Your brain becomes trained to analyse and process various language structures and can be replicated to learning multiple languages.

Learning a new language will look great on your CV and your future employers will love it, especially if you are looking for a job in Milton Keynes since this is such an international city. If you are able to speak a second language fluently it means that you are motivated to learn new things, and connect with a broad range of people. Companies are always looking at entering new markets and your language skills could help them to do so.

At Be Smart Language School all our teachers teach their native language so you don’t only get to learn a new language, you get to experience a bit of their world, their childhood, their culture and all the wonderful things about their home country which they love.

Before joining a class, you will do an initial assessment so we can check your level and make sure you will get the best benefit from the lessons so please contact us to make arrangements as soon as possible by calling Rafael  (+44) 0 7759 392 706 or by emailing us: If you can’t find a class that suits your availability and/or level, please contact us so we can create a new one specially for you!